10 Easy Fall Decorating Ideas

Easy Fall Decorating Ideas - The LUXE Group Global

Home is where "fall is" 

1. Bring the Fall Foliage Indoors - String into Garlands, Press them Into Frames
2. Pumpkins - Use as Candle Holders, Centerpieces or Porch Dwellers
3. Acorns - Hang on Branches as Ornaments or String as Napkin Rings
4. Wheat - Create Wreaths or Knit Into Place Mats
5. Apples - Float Them in Water with Candles for a Fall Worthy Centerpiece
6. Corn - Gather Colorful ones and Place Around a Candle
7. Halloween Candy - Fill Jars with Candy Corn to Add Color to Your Home
8. Branches - Gather a Bunch and Fill in a Bucket; Add Lights or Ornaments or Both
9. Blankets & Pillows - Pile Them on the Couches for the Cozy Feeling of Fall
10. Fall Scent - Boil Cinnamon Sticks, Apple Peels, Orange Rinds & Whole Cloves

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