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5 Easy Home Renovation Projects You Didn't Know You Could Do Yourself

Home renovations are an important part of improving the value of your property while also adding a few personalized touches that enhance your lifestyle. While certain tasks around your house require a professional’s assistance, there are many that you can do yourself to save money and time. As you begin to explore potential home improvements, consider these ideas that you might have written off as too much to tackle on your own.

Put Down an Outdoor Entertainment Area - Few things are as perfect as entertaining your family and friends in your gorgeous backyard setting on a beautiful day. While outdoor entertainment areas look complicated, they are actually quite simple to set up. Start by laying down interlocking pavers as your surface. Then, set out some potted plants and a table set for your guests to enjoy. Typically, this project is simple enough that you can complete it in one weekend.

Create a Home Office - Home offices are a nice touch that can pay off when you need a quiet and organized space to conduct your business. Begin by removing the doors and clothing rods from the closet so that you can use these as storage. Then, add in some furniture such as a desk and chairs. If you plan to be meeting with people in your home office, then give it a professional touch by putting new tile or carpet down on the floor.

Paint the Exterior Of Your Home - While most people wouldn’t hesitate to paint their nursery or bedroom, it is common for them to be hesitant about tackling the outside of their house. Painting your home’s exterior is as simple as doing the inside. However, you may need some taller ladders and scaffolding if your house is fairly large or has a second story. The key to doing a good job with this renovation is to use the right kind of paint. Check with your local paint supply company for exterior paint, and get ready to increase the curb appeal of your lovely home.

Install New Kitchen Hardware - Tiny changes make a big difference in smaller areas of your house, and the kitchen is one area that can always use a little sprucing up. Changing out the hardware on your kitchen cabinets is as simple as turning a screwdriver. Just count how many knobs you need, and head to the hardware store to pick out some new ones. Then, just unscrew the old ones, and put the new ones in the same hole. Even if you just switch from gold to silver hardware, the difference will feel like a major upgrade with minimal work.

Retile Your Living Room - Although you might leave placing tile in wet areas of your home to the professionals, you can easily put new flooring down in dry rooms such as the living area. This is especially easy with adhesive tile that comes with its own sticky backing that adheres to the primary floor surface. If wood is more your style, then you can also use interlocking wood planks to create a beautiful surface that looks just as good as if it were professionally done.

There is no reason to put off home renovations when you can handle many of the best ones by yourself. While you might recruit your partner or a friend to make it more fun, you can easily accomplish most big home remodeling projects in the space of a weekend. Just pick out where you want to get started, and dive on in. Improving your home’s resell value and making your house more comfortable is as easy as setting your mind to get started.

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