October is Hot - Buyers are Back!


The fall real estate market is almost always a hot season. As with may different markets, seasonal change greatly influences the sale of your home/condo. Families have returned from summer vacations, kids have gone back to school and the Holidays are not quite upon us. For this reason, October is said to be one of the ideal months to sell your home. Putting your home on the market in early October allows you to appeal to more buyers who are interested in purchasing a home before the holidays as well as parents who now have more time to schedule tours of your home due schools being back in session. October provides mild evenings and warmer days benefiting your listing photos and viewing appointments. 

In the past, it seems October was a dead zone for the real estate market. With Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years right around the corner in the coming months, it was not a priority to be shopping for a home and people were more concerned about preparing for the holiday festivities. Things have changed! Today's buyers are more determined and eager to purchase the perfect home for their families before the holidays. Many buyers will be motivated to fast-track the home buying process before Christmas. Placing your home on the Market in October allows our team enough time to sell your home before the holidays.. If you are interested in taking advantage of this accelerated process and opportunity to sell your home, give our team a call today at 386-299-4043.

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